Personal Premium Combo Barber Kit

Rs.3,499 Rs.6,999

Our hot selling Premium Personal Barber Kit COMBO that gives you comfort and convenience without any worries of contracting germs or viruses!

This Combo has its own Original Heavyduty Original KEMEI - 6558 Hair & Beard Trimmer which can be used either at home or take it to the barbershop for your personal use. This Trimmer comes with 3 different size adjustable combs to give you a desired stylish look.

Have you ever seen a barber washing or sterilizing his Trimmer after usage? Of course Not. So get this Premium Combo with a Heavy-duty Trimmer and stay germ-free with style

The price mentioned above includes the shipping prices as well.

What’s included in a Personal Premium Combo Barber Kit?

1. Original KEMEI - 6558 Hair & Beard Trimmer
2. Personal Premium Combo Barber Kit
3. Professional Barber Hairdressing Scissor
4. Silver and Matte Black Straight Razor
5. Black Waterproof Apron/Cape
6. Butterfly Neck Duster (large)
7. 100% Cotton Soft Absorbent Towel
8. Traditional 7” Barber Comb
9. Fingernail & Toenail Clipper Cutter

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